Chiropractic Care for the Family

The American Chiropractic Association recommends chiropractic care for all members of the family. Years ago, people assumed that chiropractic care is only for adults. Presently, chiropractors are starting to have younger patients. Seeing the chiropractor can benefit people of every developmental stage. Chiropractic care, combined with good health habits, results in a fulfilling life. It is never too late to start bringing your family to the chiropractor. If you want to be more proactive in achieving optimal health, here’s what you should know about chiropractic care for the family.


Everyone Benefits


Gone are the days when children just accompanied their parents or grandparents to the chiropractor. Since the modern health revolution, parents have been bringing their children in for chiropractic care treatments. The popularity of this practice is currently rising. Chiropractors are starting to provide more care for newborns, toddlers, young children, and teens. Like adults, young people can also suffer from subluxations that can affect their overall health.

A study back in 2016 showed that regular chiropractic care helped a five-month-old girl with Erb’s-Duchenne Palsy. The parents brought her to a chiropractor to increase her range of motion (ROM) in her paralyzed right arm. After nine sessions, the little girl gained normal ROM in her right arm. Since then, she had not exhibited signs of paralysis in her right arm.


Does More Than Target Back Pain


While it is true that regular chiropractic care can relieve pain, it can also give you and your family other health benefits. For young kids and infants, chiropractic care can help improve sleep and behavior. They can get more quality sleep faster. You will also notice a better change in their health. These improvements make them happier children.

In adults, chiropractic care can provide the following health benefits:

  • Decreases inflammation from arthritis.

  • Reduces ankle, neck, and knee pain.

  • Increases ROM in problem joints.

  • Lowers blood pressure.

  • Relieves symptoms of concussion.

  • Prevents migraines and headaches.

If you have an active family, regular chiropractic care sessions can help prevent injuries. The weekly or monthly sessions can also help maintain good emotional, physical, and mental health. Going to the chiropractor as a family also strengthens your bond. It is an experience that you can share and look forward to all the time. The regular family visits can reinforce the trust that you give your chiropractor as well. This makes it easier to follow health and nutrition tips after each session.


Enhances the Nervous System


Your spinal cord, nerves, and brain make up your nervous system. It is the main processor of your body. You can take care of it more by having regular chiropractic care. Through the help of your chiropractor, you and your family can always have proper spine alignment. Remember that a healthy spine can enhance your quality of life.

Chiropractic care is important for the health and well-being of everyone in your family. At Active Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we always make sure that individuals and families receive only proper chiropractic care. Please visit our clinics in Grand Island and Hastings, Nebraska, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 308-384-4955 (Grand Island) or 402-249-5500 (Hastings). That way, we can help schedule your appointment or answer your questions regarding our family chiropractic care packages.



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