Benefits of Acupuncture

You may find the thought of getting pricked with acupuncture needles somewhat terrifying. But there is nothing you should fear from them. Acupuncture is one of the oldest alternative medical treatments in the world. Trained acupuncture practitioners generally insert hair-thin, metallic needles through the skin. It stimulates specific nerve endings in your body to relieve various health conditions. The treatment process is usually painless. Are you still wondering why many people find acupuncture a reasonable treatment option? Here are some of the proven benefits you should know about:


  • It Reduces Pain and Swelling. Many scientific studies suggest that acupuncture helps ease many types of pain. These include low-back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headaches, and other conditions. A 2013 research also showed that acupuncture helps diminish inflammation. They also found that it can treat inflammatory conditions like hay fever.

  • It Lowers Stress and Anxiety. Between one and 30 percent of the population worldwide suffer from some form of anxiety. Recent evidence confirms that acupuncture is an effective treatment for this unpleasant emotion. Acupuncture helps in slowing down stress hormone production in the body. It also lessens anxiety by altering how it sets off the body’s stress response.

  • It Relieves Menstrual Cramps. Researchers found that acupuncture might also be more effective at easing menstrual pain. This was in comparison to the effects of drugs used for low to moderate pain. Acupuncture works by activating the nerves responsible for blood flow regulation. It also stimulates the production of natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body.

  • It Strengthens Immune Response. Your immune system plays a critical role in protecting you from diseases. Its primary function is to ward off pathogens and limit or prevent infection. Many people don’t worry much about their immune defenses until they’re sick. Studies show that acupuncture can increase the number of T cells in your body. These lymphocytes kill infected host cells and activate other immune cells.

  • It Loosens Tight Muscles and Prevents Future Injuries. Many sports enthusiasts and professional athletes also find acupuncture a useful tool. It aids those who struggle with pain and muscle strain from exercise. Acupuncture helps by restoring your range of motion. It also improves blood circulation by releasing constricted muscles. This eases the workload on your surrounding muscle tissues and support structures. Over time, the released trigger points decrease pain and prevent sports-related injury.


Acupuncture generally involves the use of needles to stimulate your central nervous system. But practitioners may also use other forms to help ease pain and discomfort. These include friction, heat, pressure, suction, or impulses of electromagnetic energy. The stimulation from acupuncture causes biochemical changes in the body. This helps with natural healing and improves physical and emotional well-being. Acupuncture may not be suitable for patients with certain medical conditions, though. It shouldn’t also replace standard medical care.


Have you been having trouble managing chronic pain with conventional approaches? Acupuncture may be worth a try. You have nothing to fear about this technique as long as you’re in the right hands. Acupuncture is generally viewed as a safe alternative when performed right. It has very few side effects. Acupuncture can also be beneficial when combined with other therapeutic modalities.



Find out whether this method can complement your current treatment plan. Check with our well-trained practitioners at Active Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture for more information. We have offices in Grand Island (308) 384-4955, Hastings (402) 249-5500, and Kearney, Nebraska (308) 222-4400.

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