What Can I Expect During a Spinal Postural Screening?

A spinal postural screening is a non-invasive examination that assesses your spine and its alignment. This type of screening is crucial in detecting early signs of spinal disorders, such as scoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis.


The Importance of Spinal Postural Screening

Why is spinal postural screening important? First, it helps in the early detection of spinal disorders. This early detection is key in preventing the progression of these conditions, which can lead to severe health complications like chronic pain, impaired mobility, and even respiratory and cardiac issues.

Secondly, spinal postural screening can also identify poor postural habits that may be contributing to your spinal misalignment. These habits can include everything from your sitting position at work to the way you carry your bag. By identifying these habits, you can start taking steps to correct them and improve your overall spinal health.

Finally, a spinal postural screening allows you to take preventive measures. If your screening results show that you're at risk of developing a spinal disorder, you can take steps to mitigate this risk. These measures can include everything from specific exercises to lifestyle changes.


What to Expect Before the Spinal Postural Screening

Before your appointment, you'll typically have a consultation with your chiropractor. During this consultation, they'll go over your medical history, current health status, and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

You might be asked to provide details about any previous injuries or surgeries, as well as any family history of spinal disorders. It's important to provide accurate and detailed information during this consultation, as it will help your healthcare provider determine the most appropriate screening methods for you.

You don't usually need to do anything specific to prepare for a spinal postural screening. However, it might be helpful to wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment. This allows your healthcare provider to easily assess your posture and spine.


During the Spinal Postural Screening

Typically, the screening will start with a visual assessment. Your chiropractor will ask you to stand in a neutral position and then examine your posture from different angles. They'll be looking for any signs of asymmetry or misalignment in your spine.

Following the visual assessment, your chiropractor might perform a physical examination. This can include palpating your spine to feel for any abnormalities and checking your flexibility and range of motion. They might also assess your muscle strength and reflexes.


Maintain Your Spinal Health through a Spinal Postural Screening Today

A spinal postural screening is an essential tool for assessing your spine's health and alignment. While the thought of a screening might seem daunting, remember that the purpose is to help you maintain good spinal health. By understanding what to expect during a spinal postural screening, you can approach your appointment with confidence and peace of mind.


If you’re ready to take control of your spinal health, consider scheduling a spinal postural screening and take a proactive step towards a healthier spine and a better quality of life. Visit Active Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture at our offices in Grand Island, Nebraska. Call (308) 384-4955 to schedule an appointment today.

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